The Natt McDougall Company (NMC) is a Portland based, heavy civil engineering General Contractor, working primarily within the states of Oregon and Washington.  The Company was originally founded in 1932 by the great-grandfather of its current President, and was active in railroad, highway, and dam construction until 1960.  The firm was re-established in 1988 and constructs projects that usually fall into six market sectors:  these being pump stations, pipelines, fish facilities, hydroelectric and treatment plants. Since 1988, the Natt McDougall Company has successfully constructed in excess of 68 projects worth over $350 million in value for numerous agencies throughout the Pacific Northwest.

NMC espouses the business philosophy of fairness, honesty in dealings, and quality work as the foundation upon which the construction work it undertakes is to be built.  Wherever possible, the Natt McDougall Company has worked as an ally to the organization for whom it is constructing work, and the company record of having completed every project on or ahead of schedule with no claims or disputes is something the company is both proud of and works at continuously.  NMC has been nationally recognized on five occasions by the Association of General Contractors of America and was the recipient of the AGC National Partnering Award in 1993, 1997 and 2006, a strong indication of its commitment to the team approach in construction.

‚ÄčIn addition to competitive bid and negotiated construction work, NMC has participated in all stages of numerous CM/GC contracts over the past several years, all of which came in on schedule and within budget.

The Natt McDougall Company (NMC) is an Oregon-based General Contractor encompassing three generations of ability and expertise in heavy civil engineering projects.  Originally founded by A.D. McDougall in 1866, the company has an extensive history of successful projects throughout the Pacific Northwest.